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Strike Action Avoided With Renewed Commitments to Bargaining and Mediation


There will be no nursing strike or job action, after an agreement reached earlier today between health care employers and the Manitoba Nurses Union established a mutual renewed commitment to ongoing direct collective bargaining and established further bargaining support with the help of an expert mediator.

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National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today, on National Indigenous Peoples Day, Shared Health recognizes and commemorates the rich and diverse histories and experiences of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. We recognize the need to advance reconciliation from a foundation of respect, with both acknowledgement of the harms and mistakes of the past and recognition of the incredible potential of our shared future.

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What’s your Why? Stephanie Rossi’s vaccination story


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A message from Adam Topp, chief executive officer on National Indigenous History Month

As health care providers, we deliver care and services to diverse patient populations on the original lands of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. Acknowledging this territory is an important part of our organization’s commitment to reconciliation and providing safe, compassionate care.

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Shared Pride: a message from Shared Health Executive Team

As an organization rooted in the service of Manitobans, our diversity is an important strength. These differences position us, as a growing workforce, to provide each of our patient populations with compassionate, professional care.

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Manitoba launches new, secure immunization cards for fully vaccinated people

现在,完全免疫的大农场士将无法在返回后两周内返回两周的不必自隔离,这将在两周内收到两周后的一份Covid-19疫苗,Premier Brian普利斯特今天宣布。

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Shared Health is saddened to report that a Manitoba ICU patient who was cared for outside the province has died. The patient, a female in her 50s, had been transported to hospital in Ontario on May 23. Our condolences go out to this individual’s family and loved ones for their loss.

周三的三个Covid患者在省份省外运送出来,以进行ICU护理。这些运输是有助于管理患者需求的持续浪涌。患者被送到Owen Sound,北湾和萨尼亚的医院。

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A message to staff from Adam Topp, Chief Executive Officer, Shared Health and Kandice Léonard, Interim Provincial Lead, Indigenous Health




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COVID-19 Update: May 31

Manitoba’s ICUs saw an unprecedented number of new admissions over the weekend, with 30 COVID patients admitted to ICU over a 48-hour period between Friday and Sunday.


These admissions do not include those patients requiring admission to critical care who do not have COVID-19.

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What’s Your Why? Dr. Vanessa Poliquin’s Story

凡妮莎Poliquin的许多天提供欢乐。妇科医生和专家在生殖传染病中,Poliquin继续将新的婴儿带入世界各地的康迪德 - 19大流行。但在过去的15个月中,Poliquin的工作 - 以及她患者的经验 - 没有任何正常的事情。

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COVID-19 Acute Care Update


Efforts to expand critical care capacity locally continue. Over the past two weeks, approximately 100 nurses who would normally provide care in operating rooms, surgical units, recovery rooms and post-anesthesia care units began to be prepared for redeployment to Manitoba ICUs.

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Helen Clark,首席运营官,ERS和Ryan Sneath,执行董事,EMS和患者运输业务,ERS的护理服务周消息


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What’s Your Why? The Bullards’ vaccination story

Taya Bullard, 14, is excited. Like many of her friends, Taya has made an appointment to receive her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. She is looking forward to doing her part to help Manitobans return to some sense of normalcy, which will allow her and her friends to return to school and the activities they enjoyed before the pandemic.

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